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Good Cop, Bad Money, eBook by: Glen Morisano

Good Cop, Bad Money By: Glen Morisano. In an era where gangsters and thieves so often win—from Wall Street to the mean streets—we are ready for a true American hero, some- one who believes in values, honor, truth, and justice. Glen Morisano is that American hero.

For twenty years, as part of the NYPD, he rose up the ranks from heading up one of the most successful drug task forces, to being brought in to fix the notorious 71st Precinct (where Abner Louima was sodomized). But it is the high profile arrests—the arrest of jew- eler to the stars, Jacob the Jeweler, bagging the Black Mafia, and putting away one Colombian drug lord after the next—that made a name for Glen Morisano.

He will tell you, simply that it was his job. But for Glen, there was much more at play. When he was just a boy, his grandfather, his hero, was beaten to death on the Staten Island Ferry by a thief. The bad guy got away with exactly eight dollars and twenty cents. But he took so much more that day and Glen vowed to avenge his grand- father’s murder the only way he knew how—by becoming the kind of man “Uncle Nick” would be proud of. That quest led him to the NYPD.



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