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Love Chase, eBook by: Marie Whitaker

Dr. Cynthia Davenport is a virgin. Multi-millionaire Chase Worthington is a player. For the two who are brought together under tragic circumstances, it is hate at first site. But does Dr. Davenport have the right medicine to tame a man who is used to having it all? And while she's not looking for love, is Chase her perfect match? Or is Dr. Davenport destined for heartbreak?

In Love Chase, Marie Whitaker brings shades of Danielle Steele, mixed with a little Brenda Jackson to this new twist on an age-old story about love. In this love chase, it's only a matter of time before someone gets caught.


What Happens In Vegas..., eBook by: Karyn Grice

What Happens In Vegas... By: Karyn Grice. This debut novel from one of the hottest chick-lit writers in the country is the over-the-top tale of four girlfriends who rendezvous in Las Vegas to indulge in a world of erotic fantasies, casual sex and unimaginable shows of exhibition.


After five nights of partying intimately with strangers, they return home to face the consequences of a getaway gone wild.


They soon discover that what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas.


Good Cop, Bad Money, eBook by: Glen Morisano

Good Cop, Bad Money By: Glen Morisano. In an era where gangsters and thieves so often win—from Wall Street to the mean streets—we are ready for a true American hero, some- one who believes in values, honor, truth, and justice. Glen Morisano is that American hero.

For twenty years, as part of the NYPD, he rose up the ranks from heading up one of the most successful drug task forces, to being brought in to fix the notorious 71st Precinct (where Abner Louima was sodomized). But it is the high profile arrests—the arrest of jew- eler to the stars, Jacob the Jeweler, bagging the Black Mafia, and putting away one Colombian drug lord after the next—that made a name for Glen Morisano.

He will tell you, simply that it was his job. But for Glen, there was much more at play. When he was just a boy, his grandfather, his hero, was beaten to death on the Staten Island Ferry by a thief. The bad guy got away with exactly eight dollars and twenty cents. But he took so much more that day and Glen vowed to avenge his grand- father’s murder the only way he knew how—by becoming the kind of man “Uncle Nick” would be proud of. That quest led him to the NYPD.


The Secrets of the Unadilla, eBook by: Richard Sullivan

The Secrets of the Unadilla By: Richard Sullivan. A throwback to the Agatha Christie-style mysteries, Richard Sullivan takes you into a world of Manhattan, circa 1930. A young, up-and-coming socialite falls several stories to her death from the window of her apartment in then-swanky Unadilla, an art deco apartment building in midtown. Was it murder? Or was it suicide?


The case was eventually ruled a suicide and put to rest. But more than thirty-five years later, investigative reporter Robert Knight is handed the story by his editor and asked to find out what really happened. Knight now lives in The Unadilla and several people who were around in the 1930s may be suspects. As Robert gets close to discovering the truth, he comes even closer to becoming a victim himself.


Will he find out whodunit, or will he be the one to get done?



Did you know that God uses dreams to give instructions and directions? Is it Really Just a Dream By: Dana Chandler, Discover Your Destiny In Your Dreams, you will uncover how God chooses your dream state to divinely communicate with you. Allow your spirit to open up and receive insight into your night season. Get ready to dream again and enjoy your journey as you read, Discover Your Destiny In Your Dreams.


In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction.

Job 33:15-16



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