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This Month’s eBook Releases

Play Through the Foul, eBook by: Vera Jones

Tuesday, 19 April 2011 15:19 administrator

Play Through the Foul - Basketball Lessons for the Game of Life, uses basketball anecdotes to help inspire and coach readers through the fouls of adversity. This personal memoir offers real world perspectives and strategies for pursuing life with the purpose and drive to be a winner. Vera Jones inspires readers in the same light she has been inspiring audiences around the world to take action on the faith that their goals are attainable, dreams are achievable, and life s experiences are all purposeful.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011 15:19 administrator

This Month’s eBook Releases

On March 16, 2010, I heard God speak.

It wasn’t the serious, deep and resonant James Earl Jones, Darth Vadar-esq tone I had many times imagined. It was just an overtaking of my spirit urging me to be obedient. Although I did not understand why I was being urged, I could not help but to listen to a voice inside me that said, “Write. Write down these thoughts, Vera. Write them now. Do not put this off. Get these thoughts on paper.”

New Best Friend: A Little Book of Faith is what culminated from those thoughts. It’s a story of how one woman discovered that the friends she was hanging with (Worry and Doubt) were only dragging her down. But since she made a new best friend (Faith) everything has turned around.

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I Am Redeemed, By Brunell Donald. At the age of ten, Brunell Donald saw her mother brutally murdered, stabbed to death, in their living room by a drug dealer. And while that image indelibly marked her—as well as the years after her mother’s death, which saw her in one foster home after another, mentally and sometimes physically abused—she didn’t allow that to define her.


Made to believe she was worthless and ugly, stupid and shiftless, Brunell discovered that deep, down inside she was so much more.


This is her story of overcoming adversity few ever get to see.


This is her story of Redemption.


Today, the Chicago attorney is a wife, a mother, and an example of the grace of God.

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Nigger, eBook by: Dick Gregory

Before Richard Pryor and Dave Chappelle, Steve Harvey and Chris Rock, there was Dick Gregory. He was one of the first to use comedy as a tool to wake up people about the social and political ills that plague our society.

In addition to being a comic, Gregory is also a Civil Rights and social activist (he marched with Dr. King), a weight-loss and nutrition guru, and entrepreneur. Nigger is his autobiography, which sold more than a million copies.

This is the first time available in ebook format.


Little Rhino Has No Horn, written by husband and wife team, Jim and Terri Steck, is not only wonderfully illustrated, but also has a powerful message. As Little Rhino searches everywhere for a horn to fit in with the bigger rhinos, he discovers that his horn was inside all the time, waiting for the right time to appear. This is a book about coming of age. Little Rhino discovers that in time you will receive everything you need, when the time is right.


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