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Pre-Order: The Secrets of the Unadilla

A throwback to the Agatha Christie-style mysteries, Richard Sullivan takes you into a world of Manhattan, circa 1930. A young, up-and-coming socialite falls several stories to her death from the window of her apartment in then-swanky Unadilla, an art deco apartment building in midtown. Was it murder? Or was it suicide?

The case was eventually ruled a suicide and put to rest. But more than thirty-five years later, investigative reporter Robert Knight is handed the story by his editor and asked to find out what really happened. Knight now lives in The Unadilla and several people who were around in the 1930s may be suspects. As Robert gets close to discovering the truth, he comes even closer to becoming a victim himself.

Will he find out whodunit, or will he be the one to get done?

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