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Dr. Donald Hilliard

Dr. Donald Hilliard | Authors

Consecrated as Bishop in 1995, Dr. Donald Hilliard is the Presiding Bishop and Founder of the Covenant Ecumenical Fellowship and Cathedral Assemblies, Inc. In this role, Bishop Hilliard serves as the spiritual advisor and mentor for several pastors and churches across the United States and West Africa.


A true bridge builder, Dr. Hilliard hosts monthly interdenominational clergy gatherings. He has also established the Safe Harbor Clergy Leadership Conference where innovative leaders from different denominational backgrounds gather to confront and minister to various issues faced by clergy daily, as well as, to expand their theological and social horizons. Dr. Hilliard is a member of the Yale University Center for Faith and Culture where curriculums are developed to help pastors and their congregations envision and practice Christian faith as an integral way of life.


Dr. Hilliard is an active member of the Board of Directors, Somerset Christian College, Somerset, NJ; Oxford University Round Table where world leaders discuss important policy questions pertaining to church, state and education in a collegial, think-tank atmosphere; and a visiting professor of Church Renewal at Drew University School of Theology, Madison, NJ, and Group Convener and Mentor of the Donald Hilliard Fellows, Doctor of Ministry Program.