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Dick Gregory

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Dick Gregory's unflagging sense of justice has led him from Louisiana to Iran, and from Ireland to Detroit, always working for human rights always "for people."

Acclaimed for his mobilizations for social change, his Bahamian diet, his comedy career and his anti-drug activities.


His participation in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s is well documented, as are his efforts for world peace, against hunger and on behalf of the American Indians and his unique community action approach to stamping out drugs: he camped out in dealer-ridden public parks and rallied community leaders to shut down "head shops." His work on behalf of better nutrition has spanned the globe. Dick Gregory's books include acclaimed autobiography "Nigger" and his most recent work "Callus on My Soul.”


I have talked a lot about the monster inside me, which drove me to outwit, outsmart, and outlast the obstacles and barriers in life ... The life blood of the monster inside me was adrenaline, which filled my veins when there was a race to win, an audience to turn on, a civil rights struggle to engage in.

My monster grew right along with the poor ghetto kid on welfare, and it too became a state champion in track, overcame poverty, fought discrimination, and climbed to the top echelons of show business.

Now the monster has been subdued ... Mine was a two-headed monster, representing both my frustrations and ambitions, the positive and the negative aspects of my life. The monster would rise up and take control of me. Since an unjust system created the monster, the system was still in control.

Dick Gregory