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Brunell Donald

Hers is a story so raw, so tragic, so heart-wrenching that you wonder how she survived.

“The grace of God!” she will tell you.

This is why she shares it all—from witnessing the murder of her mother, to her brutal years in foster care to finally graduating from college and then law school. In I Am Redeemed, Brunell shows that through faith, love, and perseverance, the human spirit can conquer all.

She devoted her life to helping youth—the lost youth among which she was once a part—first as an assistant state attorney for the state of Illinois and then as a Cook County public defender. Today, she is in private practice lending her services to those less fortunate in her Chicago-area community.


Brunell is also a mentor for the Black Star Project and as a motivational speaker for elementary school age girls with the Girl’s Talk Program.